Community Crowdfunding

The necessities of life rarely come from one’s own hands, but rather from a complicated “web of mutuality,” 
 – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Having a positively strong community is important for everyone. When the community comes together and supports local entrepreneurs and business owners it is much stronger than one solo act standing on its own. We need the community to invest in St. Louis minority-identifying entrepreneurs and their businesses to help them grow and make a lasting economic and social impact. 


The great part about community crowdfunding is that we can raise large sums of money, that comes from ordinary people who support what we’re doing. With community crowdfunding, our founders won’t have a debt to manage, just a dedicated community who want to see them succeed.

The Right Kind of Money

Community Crowdfunding won’t leave our founders in debt to lenders who want their money back quickly, usually with interest, so their not under pressure to make annual surpluses which might be unrealistic.

The Right Kind of Founders

Is there a project in your area – perhaps a restaurant, the local shop, an after school program, that could benefit your community, but needs money to become a reality? We work with a variety of founders who are ready to make an impact.

The Right Kind of Tax-Break

Community Crowdfunding donations are 100% tax-deductible, which makes it much more sweeter to give!

Do You Want to Support Our Founders? Here’s How…

Step 1: Watch each founders business pitch video.

Step 2:

Choose the founder you want to invest in.

Step 3:

Vote with your dollars. Donate to the idea you favor. Your donations go to the founders! All 12 founders will receive pre-seed funding for their business based on your donations.


  • Pre-seed funding from the community donations
  • A consultation with a lawyer
  • A consultation with an accountant
  • 6 months of business coaching & mentoring
  • 1-year membership to Grind + Growth Business Incubator/Coworking space which includes:
  • Peer Mentoring, business referrals, funding opportunities
  • Introductions to potential business partners.
  • Access to webinars, courses, and workshops .
  • Access to experts, leadership development, and business education.

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