Grind + Growth Programs

Are equip too, connect and support emerging entrepreneurs to succeed in bringing their business to life, accelerate economic equality, and become game-changers for their community.

Growth Accelerator

Is an 8-week growth-accelerator program that teaches entrepreneurs to execute their businesses efficiently and effectively. In this program we focus our attention on sound execution and strategy implantation.

From this program you will be able to:

  • Grow your niche market
  • Develop sound financial practices
  • Develop sound profit margins
  • Grow your customer base
  • Enhance your entrepreneurial aptitude
  • Learn the ins and outs of effective networking
  • Scale your business for fast growth

Contractor & Carpentry Training

The Contractor and Carpentry Training Program is a 12-week hands-on apprenticeship.

From this program you will learn:

  • Safety awareness
  • Use of hand and power tools
  • Building frameworks
  • Installation

Community Mentoring

The G+G Community Mentoring Program matches Idea Stage, early stage, and growth stage founders within Grind + Growth network to mentors with established organizations.

The purpose of this program is to match minority identifying founders with mentors that are community driven and resources for maximizing investments and funds to scale their business strategically and gain industry specific knowledge that will give our founder a competitive advantage for running and elevating their business.

For Students

Operation CEO

Operation CEO is a fun 8-week experimental entrepreneurship education program that teaches children & youth ages 8-18 how to start, own and operate their own business.  This program serves as an enrichment program, that promotes early training and education to help young people foster an entrepreneurial spirit.  

How We Help Our Founders

Grind + Growth plays a significant role ensuring that entrepreneurs have access to Human Capital, through people-associated characteristics that helps scale their businesses, with education and experience. Financial Capital, provides the money and resources they need to start and keep their companies operational. Social Capital, connects them to relationships and networks that play a significant role in their business’s growth.

Human Capital

Business Coaching

A coach will be assigned to each entrepreneur, providing ongoing support and calls.

Business Support

Each founder will receive business education and meet with the Grind + Growth team in order to review their progress, share struggles and victories, give perspective, and be encouraged (physical, emotional, spiritual and relational health).

Financial Capital

Each founder will receive seed money to help with their business ventures through our Community Crowdfunding program.

Social Capital

Ongoing Support

Help participants grow in character, attitude and perspective as part of a community that inspires, cares and supports them.


Access to a network of mentors, donors, entrepreneurs, and subject-matter experts.


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